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In today’s world of being able to access any training online, anyone can call themselves a mindfulness teacher. So how can you distinguish yourself as the best in the field? By demonstrating your commitment and skills with an IMTA credential.

Stand out amongst the crowd. Gain access to the full range of benefits of being an IMTA certified mindfulness teacher.

A Certification Establishes A Teacher As:

Highly proficient... the mindfulness field.

Well experienced... teaching mindfulness programs and classes.

Deeply committed... a personal mindfulness practice.

Become certified with the IMTA to earn an internationally-recognized credential that demonstrates your expertise. Gain credibility, authority, and trust so you can teach mindfulness to more people.

Ready to change more lives with mindfulness?

Experience the benefits of becoming a Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Teacher Benefits

When you become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, you gain the benefits of…

Exposure To More Potential Students

Greater visibility and exposure to new students and clients with a public listing in the IMTA Mindfulness Teacher directory.

Exclusive Networking

Exclusive access to a network of world-class mindfulness experts providing you with tips, insights and best practices.

Mindfulness Resources

Resources to advance your career in the mindfulness field so you can maximize your impact.

Shape the Field of Mindfulness

The opportunity to shape the future mindfulness field. Nominate yourself for IMTA committees or for election to the Board of Directors.

How to Apply for Your Certified Mindfulness Teacher Credential

1.) Train with an Accredited Program

Apply for and participate in a teacher training program. If you’ve already completed the required hours of training, ensure you have a copy of your certificate of completion to attach with your application.

2.) Unlock Your Discount

IMTA members get a 62.5% discount on their certification and renewal.

3.) Apply & Pay

Apply to get your Certified Mindfulness Teacher credential.

4.) Become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher

If/once approved, your name gets added to the Certified Mindfulness Teacher Directory on the IMTA website. You gain the ability to use the IMTA certification logo for marketing purposes.

*If it is determined that information is missing from your application, or further clarification is needed of information provided, we will notify you at the email address provided. Please note that any delay in providing the requested information may extend the review period. Please only contact us with questions or concerns regarding your application status after the 40 day period.

What are the requirements to become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher?

To become certified as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, prospective candidates must demonstrate the required competency and contact hours to meet the IMTA Teacher Certification Standards.

Minimum requirements to become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher:

  • Completion of training with an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (AMTTP). If you have done your training through a program that is not IMTA accredited, you can still become certified through the Alternate Pathway Process.*
  • Completion of at least one mindfulness meditation retreat of a minimum of 5 days with a qualified instructor.
  • Completion of a mindfulness course like Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) or equivalent.
  • Submission of an application and payment of the application fee at time of submission. IMTA members receive a discounted application fee of $150 (savings of $250 compared to non-members). 

Once you fill out an application and supply the required information, you will receive a Certified Mindfulness Teacher credential that corresponds to your level of experience, competency, and number of hours earned through an Accredited Mindfulness Training Program.

Initially, each certificate will launch with a “Provisional” certification designation until the Credentialing Committee launches a standardized assessment exam. Candidates will have one year to take and pay for the exam in order to keep or renew their credential. Upon passing, the “Provisional” designation will drop. All credential holders will be required to keep current with continuing education and their three-year renewal fees (currently $150 for members, $400 for nonmembers).

*If you are interested in earning a credential and did not complete an AMTTP teacher training program, you can learn more about the Alternate Pathway Process in the last question of the FAQ and select “Alternate Pathway” in the certification application under “Teacher Training Program”.

How much does it cost to become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher?

Today, to become certified through the IMTA, prospective candidates must demonstrate the required competency and contact hours outlined in the Program Standards by successfully completing a 200-hour Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (AMTTP).

All credential holders must keep current with continuing education and their three-year renewal fees (currently $150 for members, $400 for nonmembers). In the future, it is the goal of the IMTA Credentialing Committee to incorporate a standardized assessment exam into the eligibility requirements.

* Estimated fee to sit for the CMT assessment exam once available

As an international organization, IMTA prorates fees based on the World Bank list of country economies. For example, residents in certain countries could receive a fee discount ranging from 25% to 75% off the application fee below. 

Application fees are non-refundable. Be sure that you meet all application requirements prior to submitting payment. The fees you contribute to IMTA Credentialing Programs goes towards administering our credentialing system and directory. Renewal fees allow us to keep our organization running, continually improve our credentialing system and expand our benefits and services to credential holders. For questions, contact us.


Most frequent questions and answers

From the time you complete your application and pay your fees, it will take up to 40 days for us to review your application and notify you of your status.

The IMTA’s Credentialing Committee which is made up of IMTA’s Board of Directors, assisted by the organization’s administrative team.

IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teachers can use the associated IMTA seal for their websites and promotional literature. They can designate themselves as an “IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher” as well as list their certification level.

As an Individual member, you get access to the global IMTA community. Plus, in the future you can look forward to benefiting from discounts on teacher insurance, conference discounts, and access to networking and regional chapters. As a certified teacher, you also gain:

  • An intentionally-recognized credential along with the right to use the IMTA membership logo for marketing purposes 
  • Listing in the Certified Mindfulness Teachers directory
  • Ability to nominate yourself for election to the Board of Directors
  • Ability to nominate yourself for participation in IMTA committees

Once you’ve completed a mindfulness training program and get certified, you have the ability to teach mindfulness in any setting you desire. You can teach in person, online, or a combination of both. You can join an organization that is looking for qualified mindfulness teachers or start your own mindfulness teaching practice, business, or organization. As you gain more experience and expand your network, you may benefit from the opportunities such as public speaking or sharing your research and wisdom through your online content or a book.

We recognize that there are many high-quality programs training qualified mindfulness teachers around the world that have not yet begun the ITMA accreditation process. The IMTA is committed to offering an alternate pathway and eligibility requirements for graduates of these in-depth programs to achieve certification with the IMTA as we evolve.   

We’d love to hear from you and about your advanced professional background in teaching mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices, and we look forward to working with you and to welcoming you to the community. Please share with us your practice and teaching experience by filling out the Alternate Pathway Process by selecting “Alternate Pathway” in the CMT-P Application, under the “Teacher Training Program” field.

Please note that there is a $50 fee to review your CMT-P alternate pathway process application, payable after submitting your application.This fee is waived for IMTA members.

If you are not an IMTA member, and if your application is approved, then the review fee will go towards your full payment for the credential. If your application is not approved, your review fee will go towards your membership fee.

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