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Mindfulness Teacher Training Program

You are the bridge to bringing the wisdom of mindfulness into the world. Help aspiring mindfulness teachers get the highest and best level of training.

Benefits of accrediting your program through IMTA

When your mindfulness training program becomes accredited through the IMTA, you give participants the peace of mind of knowing they’re signing up for a program that adheres to the best practices in the mindfulness field.

If your program curriculum and faculty exhibits the right expertise and depth of training, your organization will benefit from:

  • An internationally-recognized accreditation that demonstrates that your program meets high quality standards at all levels.
  • Greater visibility and exposure to new students with a public listing in the IMTA Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program directory.
  • Higher authority as you gain the ability to use the IMTA program logo for marketing purposes.
  • The opportunity to shape the future mindfulness field. Nominate representatives from your organization for IMTA committees or for election to the Board of Directors.

Ready to become a leading organization in the mindfulness field?

By becoming accredited with IMTA, you demonstrate to current and future students that your program meets a standard of excellence. You establish your organization as one whose teachers deliver top-notch guidance and training on an international scale.

Why accredited programs matter

Teaching mindfulness is an important endeavor with the power to increase people’s well-being and to transform society…that’s why it must be done with care and diligence.

In today’s world where anyone can learn almost anything online, it’s hard to find quality amidst the noise. Every time a new school launches, various types of credentialing standards are being formed. Without a universal baseline to standardize training program qualifications, individuals have no way of assessing the quality of the program they’re signing up for.

To help make the mindfulness field more professional and legitimate in the eyes of the public, accreditation is key. It assures the public that graduating teachers are capable of delivering the most qualified care, training and guidance on an international scale.

And that’s where IMTA comes in.

We standardize accreditation to ensure that mindfulness training programs are designed to be rigorous and impactful.

Get your program accredited in 3 steps

1.) Meet The Requirements

Ensure your program meets the minimum requirements below as well as the IMTA Program Standards for each level of accreditation.

2.) Apply & Pay

Fill out the AMTTP application form and pay the $500 application fee.

3.) Get Accredited

If approved, the final application fee is $1,250. Save $2,000 on the final application fee by becoming an IMTA org member. For non-members, the final listing fee is $3,250.

What are the requirements to become an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program?

We currently offer accreditation at five levels. Upon submitting your application, your level of accreditation will be determined primarily based on the amount of contact hours your students receive.

You can also request to get your classes approved for Continuing Education credits towards the Certified Mindfulness Teacher credential.

Minimum program requirements for accreditation:

  1. A training curriculum that satisfies the minimum amount of hours required depending on the level of Accreditation you’re seeking. Click here to view the Program Standards for each level.
  2. Qualified supervising teachers must demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of advanced mindfulness experience and personal practice combined with 5 years of teaching experience. Qualified supervising teachers must hold a CMT-P credential.
  3. Providing opportunities for personal contact between students and supervising teachers in the form of individual or group teaching or mentoring sessions as demonstrated by program curricula.
  4. A screening process to verify candidate proficiency and qualification for program acceptance.
    • All accepted students should have a regular daily mindfulness meditation practice and should have completed a mindfulness course like Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) or equivalent.
  5. Ensure observation and feedback mechanisms are in place for student teachers.
    • Students teaching skills should be observed live or on video for at least 2×30 minutes and provided feedback in written and verbal form a minimum of two times. (Mid-program and final)

Documents to submit with your application

Before you apply, make you sure you have the following information ready to submit:

  1. The Program name and contact information of the program owner(s).
  2. The name(s) and qualifications of the program director(s) and supervising teacher(s) in the form of a professional bio.
  3. A syllabus of your training program that meets our Program Standards.
  4. The prerequisites for program acceptance.
  5. The observation and feedback mechanism in place for student-teachers.
  6. A sample certificate of program completion.
  7. A credit card to pay the application fee.
    • Application fees are non-refundable. Please confirm that you meet all application requirements prior to submitting payment. Your final application fee is due upon approval of your application.

What are the fees to become an Accredited program?

The initial application fee is $500, payable at the time of submitting your application. 

If approved, the final application fee is $3,250. Save $2,000 on the final application fee by becoming an IMTA member.

Once you become accredited, you must renew your accreditation every two years and pay a renewal fee ($1,250 for members) to retain the benefits of accreditation.

If you’re a member, you must also pay the annual organizational membership fee of $800.

Accreditation prices are separate from IMTA membership fees.

Your payment for the IMTA Credentialing Programs goes towards administering our credentialing system, directory and ensuring adherence to program standards. Renewal fees allow us to keep our organization running, continually improve our credentialing system and expand our benefits and services to credential holders. For questions, contact us.


Most frequent questions and answers

From the time you complete your application, it may take IMTA up to 90 days to review it.

An accredited organizational program can designate itself as an “IMTA Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program” along with the level: Professional Level (AMTTP-P) or, when available, Advanced Level (AMTTP-A). They will also be given an associated seal to use on their websites and in promotional literature.

The IMTA has a Credentialing Committee that serves as its accreditation and certification review board. Currently, the IMTA’s Credentialing Committee consists of the IMTA’s Board of Directors assisted by the IMTA’s administrative team.

As an Organizational Associate member, you get access to the global IMTA community, plus you’ll benefit from future conference discounts and access to networking and regional chapters. Up to three of your named company representatives may have the same rights as Individual Associate Members. Upon gaining Accreditation and becoming a Full Organizational member, you also get:

  • Right to use IMTA membership/accreditation logo
  • Listing in the Accredited Mindfulness Programs directory
  • Access for your company representatives to participate in IMTA Committees
  • Ability to nominate a company representative for election to the IMTA Board of Directors

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